Monday, October 10, 2005

7 Things About Me

1. Seven celebrity crushes.

  1. Misty May - I love this woman. She is fierce, yet I sense an inner goodness.
  2. Patricia Heaton - Just a freckled girl from Cleveland, Patricia is an interesting and gutsy person. Look behind the eyes.
  3. Jennifer Lopez- she would have to magically(or drunkenly) find me irresistible, and she would have to magically disappear after a wild weekend.
  4. Jewel
  5. One of the great basketball players of all time: Diane Taurasi. The strong Italian look is very sexy.
  6. Anna Kournikova: The face that launched a thousand magazine covers. I never liked her until I saw her throw out a pitch and be interviewed at a Rangers' game. She is over 6 feet tall!

    Bonus women:
  7. Brandi Chastain
  8. Heather Juergensen - from "Kissing Jessica Stein".

2. Seven things I can do.

  1. I am naturally very good with kids.
  2. Score in the paint.
  3. Skim-read very fast, yet still understand what is written.
  4. Disagree with you while not being angry with you, and while still respecting your right to your opinion. Related: I listen and understand your opinion. I can lay out your opinion and your argument in a clear and understandable fashion.
  5. Apologize
  6. Stand my ground
  7. Roof a house.

3. Seven things I can't do.

  1. Skateboard or Surf.
  2. Play any musical instrument.
  3. Write or understand any computer code.
  4. Be comfortable and relaxed at a large cocktail-type party.
  5. Plumbing.
  6. Trigonometry and Chemistry - faked my way through both classes.
  7. Hang out with someone who is shopping - this causes actual, physical, Passion of the Christ level of agony.

4. Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex.

  1. If a person loves me, I am attracted to them.
  2. If a woman truly likes and appreciates manliness - that is attractive. It's okay if manliness sometimes frustrates her, so long as she appreciates - deep in her core - the good and noble qualities of men. By appreciating manliness, she makes herself a very attractive woman.
  3. Everyone is touched by God - yet, with some people, His light shines out in every direction. It's very attractive.
  4. Humor/wit
  5. Softness
  6. Courage: to be direct with people, and to get up and try again, after getting knocked down.
  7. Nurturing

5. Seven things that I say most often.

  1. Remember the song "Rock Me Amadeus"? I like to insert a choice epithet in place of the "Rock" in that phrase.
  2. When I yawn, I say "Higgabah". No reason. The sound just fits my yawn.
  3. "Things are actually going amazingly well in Iraq."
  4. "The Texas Rangers need to just sit tight! Good pitching is on the way!"
  5. "I'm actually very good with kids." For some reason, people don't seem to believe it. A prophet(or child-care expert) is never respected in his hometown!
  6. The Lord's Prayer
  7. "Groovy", as in: "How are you, Greg?" "Groovy!"

6. Seven things I plan to do before I die.

  1. The Smithsonian - and tour all of D.C.
  2. Yoga
  3. Take a motorcycle trip to Yellowstone National Park.
  4. Tango
  5. Read the entire Bible.
  6. Rome
  7. Fish Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.