Sunday, October 26, 2003


A first hand account from the Houston office:

Attended the TCU – Houston match last night.

· Do you know how long it takes to score 117 points? The most ever in a U of H game, breaking the record of 116 set in the 1989 Houston romp of SMU (95-21).

· Hobbs reminds me of some old Cowboys running back that I can’t remember, but Merrill reminds me of Emmett Smith. 204 very impressive yards.

· The whole game was sort of like overtime, if you didn’t score a touchdown on a possession then it was considered a failure.

· The TCU defense only stopped the Houston offense once from early in the 2Q to the end of the game. This and the Houston unforced fumble in the 4Q were the difference in the game.

· Houston was down 15 pts with 6 minutes to play. They had 4th and 10 from their own ~35. They punted. Sounds like a reasonable move, but it was a big screw up by the Houston coaching staff. They had a better chance of making 4th and 10 than their defense stopping TCU.

· Drop back passers and running (only) quarterbacks are soon to be extinct in the NCAA. Reggie McNeal gets a lot of press at A&M, but there are a dozen other quarterbacks in the south alone that can run and pass as good or better. Houston’s offense is to spread four wide outs to the four corners on every play. The running play is a designed quarterback scramble. Houston quarterback had 114 yards. Most of them on what I believe were designed quarterback draws/scrambles.

· Stupid rule – quarterbacks can intentionally ground when outside the tackles. College rules favor the offense. No matter how good your defense is, you can’t win consistently without a powerful offense.

· I’m not too sure about TCU being the best team in Texas. I think a TCU – Tech match would end up 84 – 72 with Tech on top. I suspect UT’s size would squash TCU, but I’d still like to see the game. They say that Texas is too much flash and not enough substance. When it comes to flash, TCU could certainly hold their own against the Horns.

· Second Runner-up Best Karen Comment: “Why do all the Frog fans make rabbit hand puppets whenever they kick-off?”

· First Runner-up Best Karen Comment: As the Frog and Cougar mascots are fake fighting on the sideline - “They're both nearly extinct and really don’t want to be hurting each other.”

· Best Karen Comment: “Who let the Frogs out?.....Who!? Who!? Who!? Who!? Who!?

Can’t wait to see the BCS rankings.


Greg's comments:

1) if the Frog fans make rabbit hand puppets on every kickoff, they must have carpal tunnel by now.

2) its an interesting situation when a RB(Hobbs) gains 100 yards and its not that impressive of a performance.

Thanks for the first hand account!!

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