Friday, June 15, 2007

This ain't Hell

Welcome to a new blog to the blogroll:
The sure way to get on the blogroll is to blogroll The End Zone! Which the proprietor of This ain't Hell: John Lilyea, did.
From John's info page:
My name is Jonn Lilyea, I’ve been married for thirty years and spent twenty years in the Army (Infantry - Airborne and Bradleys) while we raised four kids - a son and three daughters.

I went to college when I had the chance - nights, weekends - until I retired from the Army and finally finished when I was 39-years-old with a degree in History and Political Science at SUNY Oswego on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario - New York’s West Coast.

I was a financial planner in Syracuse for four years until my first heart attack and decided to take a rest.

Now I “work” as an editor and writer in Washington, DC. After living in DC for seven years we’ve moved to the suburbs in Maryland.

My son is in the Air Force - a surgical technician with an expert marksman ribbon, stationed on the Gulf Coast on his second enlistment.

Last Spring, the Army askedfor retirees to volunteer to go back on active duty. So I did. I’m a “confirmed volunteer (current operation only)” whatever that means.
Thanks John - even if you "ain't no nice guy."
This blog is a hobby for me. It is an outlet to express feelings which cannot easily be expressed in public. I get everything off my chest here, then I am relaxed and tranquil out in society. I sort of do not care about the blog traffic. This is good, as The End Zone has very low traffic, and most of that traffic is looking for pictures of Jennifer Lopez, or for "lesbians" - from the one time I used that word, when describing an early Kate Winslett movie. By writing "lesbians" twice in this post, I think I just tripled the blog's traffic!
That said: when someone blogrolls me: you are in! You instantly prove yourself way too handsome and intelligent to be kept out - as is also shown by the babe John is married to. Only a handsome and intelligent man could attract such Ann Margaret hotness! Maybe Mrs. Lilyea can also drive up the blog traffic... Hmmm, Blog Ads must be just around the corner...

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