Friday, August 03, 2007

Corruption accidentally on display

Democrats lost a vote in the House of Representatives, via accidentally and formally closing down voting during a moment when the Repub favored side of the bill had the most votes. Dems could've called for a re-vote in the near future - even as early as today. This would've been perfectly Constitutional action. Instead, Dem Leaders deliberately allowed Dem Representatives to continue casting votes on the bill, even after Dem Leaders had officially and formally closed voting on the bill.

Republicans raised a third world style ruckus in the well of the House - with fisticuffs and flying chairs being the only missing props. Repubs then staged a walk-out, followed by a parade to news microphones, to declare that such an action had never before happened in the history of the House of Representatives.

After Repubs walked out, Dems expunged all evidence of the vote from the official record. The few historians who will ever care will be unable to check the official record for evidence of the event. According to the official record, such an action still has never happened in the history of the House of Representatives!

What do we take away from this episode? This: Dems accidentally opened a window and exposed the emptiness at their core:

Dems are about winning. Defeating Repubs(evil) is moral. Losing to Repubs(evil) is immoral.

Dems are not about doing what is right/moral/ethical according to any traditional standard.

They are not even about following the Constitution of the United States.

Because Repubs are so evil, the moral/ethical thing is for Dems to win. Every time.

Traditional standards are supplanted by this: win. Defeat the newly formulated, modern definition of evil. It's the moral/ethical thing to do.

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