Friday, December 23, 2005

A Teenager's Room

In Denham Springs, LA, where I sit on my futon bed in the room I am sharing with my nephew, Agent 90*, for the Christmas holiday. I spy:

  • 19 caps and visors neatly hung on the door
  • sports trophies, plaques, award medallions, and personal team photos
  • toilet items
  • walkie talkies
  • TV and Stereo remote controls
  • CDs
  • hand gripper
  • baseball bat weight
  • "Money Mizer" change separator
  • "Plinco the Monkey", awarded, by class vote, for being the most interesting student in Spanish class
  • LSU action posters: football and baseball - Geaux Tigers!
  • An LSU football, signed by Nick Saban, mounted on a plaque
  • hung on pegs: several colors of elastic baseball belts; plus football belts; plus lanyards, plus a dress belt
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • pillow shaped like football
  • football minihelmets: LSU and Dallas Cowboys
  • a closet stuffed with clothes top, middle, bottom, and spilling out
  • a 7 point rack of deer antlers(with an 8 point rack on the way!)
  • World globe
  • IPod
  • Collection of Quarters from 30 of the 50 states
  • Boom box
  • Board games: Stratego; Payday; Monopoly; Battleship; Scrabble; Rules of the Game; Texas Hold Em Poker
  • Daniel Boone style coonskin cap
  • DVDs: collection of Indiana Jones movies; Hoosiers; Bull Durham; Sahara; Friday Night Lights; Rundown - starring The Rock; Cast Away; Coach Carter; Longest Yard - starring Adam Sandler
  • the all important Playstation PS2, sitting upon the child's chair I grew up sitting in at our tables on Royal Oaks in Waco, and on Cromart Ave in Ft. Worth
  • an "Arrow of Light" from Boy Scout Pack 19
  • bag of baseball equipment
  • bucket of baseballs
  • about 8 pair of shoes: tennis, basketball, jogging, cleats, dress
  • bag of golf clubs
  • two LSU flags: one purple, one gold
  • special double issue of Field and Stream magazine, open to page on how to make your own hunting knife from an antler

*"Agent" stolen from Richard Lawrence Cohen

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