Thursday, February 23, 2006

Islamic Art Images of Prophet Muhammad

Lets put this Prophet Muhammad image thing to bed. Some Muslims obviously do not believe in depicting Muhammad. Other Muslims obviously do believe in depicting Muhammad, as proven by the following links to depictions of the Prophet Muhammad in Muslim art. The question becomes: Do we give up some of our freedom in order to partially (minutely) appease the portion of the Muslim world which wants us dead anyway?

Prophet Muhammad Image Archive.
Prophet Muhammad depicted in Islamic Art.
Prophet Muhammad depicted on murals of modern Iranian buildings.

Hat tip:

This Los Angeles Times article points out that several leading museums in the United States possess Islamic portraits of Mohammed in their permanent collections, though they are rarely displayed. (Hat tip: Killgore Trout.)
This February 14 article in the Washington Post also lists several museums and galleries in the U.S. which own paintings of Mohammed.

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