Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oscars "Do's" of Kate Winslett

I was at Yahoo's "Oscars Roundup", looking at pictures of "Do's and Don'ts" from past years, and I noticed picture after picture of Kate Winslett, listed under "Do's." I like this young woman very much. Not only is she a kick-ass actress, but she seems personable, down to earth, and smart. Ms. Winslett has the type of classic beauty which endures, and is a throwback to early Hollywood glamour days. Hollywood should be embarrassed for trying to pass off airheaded waifs as actual beauties. I'll point to an example: Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth might be a nice person, but she pales next to Kate Winslett's talent, and next to Kate Winslett's life-force. Imagine what Ms. Winslett could've done with Ms. Paltrow's juicy role in "Shakespeare in Love." Ms. Winslett might've made that movie an all-time classic. She might've made Ms. Paltrow's role an all-time memorable performance. I would like to have seen it.

Try to imagine "Titanic" without Ms. Winslett's energy, and earthiness. Imagine it with, say... Winona Ryder? Or Jennifer Aniston? Booorrriiing. Now imagine "Legends of the Fall" with Ms. Winslett, instead of Julia Ormond. A very nice movie gains some needed spice. Ms. Winslett would've improved it for sure.

Kate Winslett's first notable role was in "Heavenly Creatures", the true story of teen-aged lesbian lovers who killed one of their Moms in a bid to stay together. Ms. Winslett stole that movie with her ebullience. She instantly became the dream teenaged lover of lesbians around the world. So, she's also got that going for her! Without further ado, the final three Oscars "Do's" of Kate Winslett:

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