Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More Oscars "Do's" (from various years)

Subtitle: "A Middle-Aged, Middle American, Not-Dead-Yet Man Looks at Oscars Looks"

Kate Blanchett's yellow frock with the wide belt(below): this is about as good as an Oscars dress and an Oscars look can get. Regal. Beautiful.

An excellent choice for Kirsten Dunst. She has such a well-scrubbed, All-American look that she can turn up the glamour meter as high as possible, yet never seem overdone. She looks like a silent screen star.

There's something about Heather Graham. She seems accessible. Fun loving. Up for anything. Almost any man would love to romance Rollergirl.

Speaking of, why is the man directly below smiling?
Charlize Theron looks like a Greek goddess. Very, very nice choice. Very, very nice Charlize. Julianne Moore: most everything I said about Kate Winslett, here, applies to Julianne Moore. It's odd that both are English. Or, maybe not. Julianne is talented, and she seems like a completely decent broad. She would wear well over time. You could imagine being with her for the long term. This lustrous green brings out the color in her hair. Striking.

Speaking of Greek, Diane Lane looks like a woman of Sparta: a vision of health and vitality. Her maturity shows through in the openness evident in her eyes; and in her confident, graceful bearing. She is not vamping. She is not coquettish. She squares up and looks straight into the camera - a woman at her best. Her maturity enhances her attractiveness.

Sandra Oh and Virginia Madsen really get it. They've made selections which are appropriate for the occasion, and they look to be completely enjoying the moment. Salute!

With the choice of this beautiful dress, Reese Witherspoon shows she has excellent taste. It's not a dress a twentysomething would typically choose, yet she carries it off with class. I liked her acceptance speech, also. Very classy.

Salma Hayek makes consistently excellent choices. The darker blue dress (below left) is sort of a "do me, do me" look - but in a good way. The Oscars is the perfect occasion for such a look.

Look at how pretty Scarlett Johansson is! She has classic facial structure, and it will wear well over time. I also included her as an excuse to reprint the photo at bottom(so to speak!).

Salma Hayek's pose below is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.

On the Vanity Fair cover, Scarlett Johannson looks like a wood-nymph come to life. She also looks like an illustration on a fancy and luxurious box of ladies' bath powder, circa about 1935. It feels as though we could open the top of this picture and pull out an extravagant, powder-dusted puff.

Notice how Keira Knightly looks severe and harsh in comparison? Ms. Knightly is an example of the glamour industry exalting a skinny slip of a girl. If you saw her away from the camera, she would seem stick-like, with pointy edges. I'm sure she's very nice, and very talented. But the severity of her look starkly contrasts with the womanly earthiness, and the desirability, of a Kate Winslett.

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