Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday Hot: Salma Hayek in Cannes


Wonderful dress. It focuses attention on the woman, and in turn focuses attention on the God who could create such a woman. Sublime, all around, from God to Salma to the fashion designer, and back again.

Cannes is an ocean resort. The dress color is soft, like the sky near the ocean. It has a glamour by the sea feel.

The shoulder strap is balanced by the sash.

I love the offset center, and the way the dress gathers around it, and (below) the gold flecks emanating from it. The lack of symmetry creates artistic possibility. The designer's touches are just enough, without being too much.

Much of Hollywood is boring. Salma Hayek is interesting: she makes daring movie choices; she has excellent taste in fashion.

Salma consistently features her cleavage, as she should for career purposes. And besides, why not? Hollywood, done properly, is glamour and sexiness. Therefore: bring it! Bring everything you can, while you can.

Salma does Monroe:

Salma does Morticia ==>

Salma does Bardem?

Tango with Ashley Judd in "Frida", reimagined with different music:

for Campari:



Webutante said...

Absolutely stunning dress and world-class beauty. Salma is the epitome of voluptuous womanhood, ripe and in her prime! Thanks for this great post, Greg.

gcotharn said...

Glad you weighed in. I like Salma's dress so much, I worried that I was all on my own in admiration for it.

Linking to your post on Kristin Scott Thomas' dress at Cannes.