Friday, May 07, 2010

Southern Brother's baseball team wins their conference championship!

Congrats to Temple College in Temple, TX, just down the road from Fort Hood. The Leopards will enter the Regional Tournament at Fort Worth Cats Field, beginning on May 16.

Photo: Temple's Zach Cohen about to score the winning run to clinch a doubleheader sweep and a conference championship.

Photo by Mitch Green of the Temple Daily Telegram.

I was just saying, only a week or so ago, that watching Temple College and their opponents is heartening to a baseball fan. They play the right way. Watching them rekindles my own love of the game. By coincidence, Southern Brother emailed the same sentiments yesterday:
I am of the belief that JUCO baseball is baseball at it's purist form. Kids play hard and play because of an absolute love of the game...the game and respect for the game is what matters and those that learn

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