Saturday, August 07, 2010

"[The media] lie. That is almost all they do anymore."

Ace rants about the media:
They lie. That is almost all they do anymore. They lie in their reportage and then they rub salt into those wounds by lying about the reasons for their reporting decisions.

They all lie, and all from the same script of the same lies.

They lie to your ... face and then warble about their "integrity" and "professionalism," and how all their "experience" and "schooling" has dictated that only they know which stories are important. (Curiously, a frightening high percentage of "important" stories directly advance the interests of the progressive movement.)

They lie, and they lie, and they lie, and then they demand your respect and appreciation for their lies.

This Mark Cuban quote, which was funny in context of his blogpost about the Texas Rangers auction, also fits here:
What I have learned in 11 years in the sports business is that the dumbest guys in the room are always the media guys.


Junk car CFA said...

Oh how true this post is. Such twisted lies on daily basis, but those who are educated see right through these blatant lies. I really like your blog. Keep up the great work.

Micha Elyi said...

Q. What do "media guys" and doctors have in common?

A. They can bury their mistakes.