Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Day Tributes

Included the Day by Day cartoon because part of honoring our military is honoring what they accomplish. Double click the cartoon to see it larger, or click the link.
Further honoring what our military is accomplishing:

The Scotsman:
INFANT mortality in Afghanistan has fallen dramatically since the demise of the Taleban, according to a new study, with 40,000 fewer babies dying every year.
"It's a conservative estimate. This is the situation two and a half to three years ago ... It should be better than that now," Mr Loevinsohn said.
Ace of Spades evokes "carbon offsets":
Did America buy itself a big, verifiable pile of Collateral Damage Offsets?
It's a point that seems glib but isn't -- how do 40,000 fewer infant deaths per year factor into the left's "war never solved anything" and "war is bad for the health of puppies and flowers and other living things" slogans?

I really love the drawing of the 9/11 fireman handing off the flag to the military.

Re: the Lincoln Memorial pic: several months ago, military veterans heard of an anti war rally in which some participants were threatening to make a scene in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The veterans traveled to the Lincoln Memorial and positioned themselves between it and the anti war rally. That is what you see in that picture. Of course: zero press coverage of the military veterans; much press coverage of the anti war rally. What else is new.

James Stockdale. Heroism personified.
Pictures of Gathering of Eagles/Rolling Thunder Rally today in D.C. Thousands showed up to peaceably honor our veterans. They report no signs of media coverage of their event.
Vietnam Stories. Excerpt:
At the water's edge, one of the men, [Navy Seal] Mike Thornton, looked back and saw Tom Norris get hit. As the enemy moved in, he ran back through heavy fire and killed two North Vietnamese standing over Norris's body. He lifted the officer, barely alive with a shattered skull, and carried him to the water and then swam out to sea where they were picked up two hours later. The two men have been inseparable in the 30 years since.
He ran through enemy fire. Killed two NVA. Carried an unconscious man into the ocean, then kept him afloat and alive for 2 hours, until they could get picked up. Holy moly. Salute.

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