Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Practicing non-attachment

"annika" is on the left. Much as I love annika's journal, life moves on, inexorably. annika's journal ended Sunday night. This is Wednesday. annika's journal is now delinked. It remains, for how much longer I do not know, as a work of blog art which is accessible at

annika's journal no longer exists as a living, breathing blog. I am grieving an appropriate thimbleful of grief; and am adjusting to the new, present moment reality. annika's journal - though loved and fondly remembered - is now like a painting. It no longer plays in our game.

Excepting our souls, everything in this life is temporary. It is perfect that annika's journal no longer plays in our game. It is perfect that annika's journal is de-linked. It is all part of God's perfect blog design! "annika" may re-join the game in the future. But not annika's journal.

I feel like a monk who appreciates the beauty of a sand picture. Even so: when the utility of that beauty wanes, the monk destroys the sand picture and uses that space for something else. The utility of linking annika's journal is low. Time to use the space for something else. I am practicing non-attachment. I need a lot of practice.

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