Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We've all been Elisabeth Hasselbeck

We've all been Elisabeth: accosted by some fool who is spouting memorized nonsense.

However, we haven't all looked super hot on the very day we were being photographed and watched more than any other day of our lives. Elisabeth scored with that dress.

I once mentioned, in a now deleted post, how often women of the right look happy vs. how often women of the left look angry.

Look at Elisabeth's face holistically, if you will. Use your intincts. Sense the inner Elisabeth. You can do it. You have studied faces since the very moment you came into the world. Study the entirety of her face. What does it say about the inner Elisabeth?

Now, look at Rosie holistically. What do you see? What does it say about the inner Rosie?

I submit that some of Elisabeth's happiness likely results from her right side principles/philosophy/religious belief. In my observation, people of the right tend to be happy and optimistic more often than people of the left.

I submit that some of Rosie's ... angst ... likely results from her left-side principles/philosophy. If Rosie converts:
  1. to conservative principles;
  2. to more Aristotle/Plato/Jefferson, and to less Heidegger/Kant/Foucalt;
  3. to true and deep belief in a loving power who is wiser and greater than herself, and who actually hears her prayers,

then Rosie might acquire more of Elisabeth's inner contentment. Rosie was not born angry and paranoid and frustrated. Her principles and philosophies have pushed her further and further in that direction.

Frank J:

A political ambush is hard to respond to in a reasonable fashion, because the crank controls the battlefield by spouting out "facts" you are ill-prepared for. Any idiot can read some article or some internet ramblings and then recite them to the unsuspecting
This is why many sympathized with poor Elisabeth Hasselbeck who was met with this scenario constantly and on live television with no escape.
How the now despised Rosie lashed out at little Hasselbeck, a warthog snarling at a bunny. [Rosie's] attempts to look smart and gain love and respect had failed horribly, and her only consolation was batting around the blond woman in front of a studio audience. But finally Hasselbeck struck back, meeting the blubbering intensity of Rosie with equal passion.
And cheer we all did, for Hasselbeck, no greater than the rest of us, struck a blow for all those ever cornered by an obnoxious idiot....

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