Saturday, February 16, 2008

Barack Knock

Either Barack or Hillary stands a solid chance of being our next President. If it has to be one of them, I prefer Hillary. She is more firmly grounded in reality.

Texas holds an open primary on March 4. I will vote for Hillary.


Barack, as much as any major politician, accepts and believes in the orthodox liberal menu of "truths".

This is a sign of a shallow thinker. It tells us Barack has risen via charisma and good looks. He has not risen because of any particular wisdom which will help him govern wisely and effectively.

We ought pause, for a good, long, skeptical, spine-chilling look, at the specter of Barack's orthodox leftist beliefs + Barack's lack of tangible accomplishment.

Barack has accomplished the following very nice things: marrying well, being a good father, gaining educational degrees, getting hired as a lawyer, and getting elected. These are nice. They are not the proper resume of a POTUS.

Barack has barely legislated. He has never governed in the fashion of State Governors Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Barack has never run a Military Theater of War, as Dwight Eisenhower did. Barack has never been Vice President, as Harry Truman and LBJ and Richard Nixon were.

Before becoming VP, Truman was a long time, battle-tested Congressman. LBJ was a long time Senate Majority leader. Nixon was a long time veteran of political battles and national politics. Barack is a long time veteran of being good looking and charismatic. His legislative record, both in Illinois and in D.C., is as wispy light as cotton candy.

Barack's lack of accomplishment gives pause, yet does not invalidate him. We should fairly consider:

What does Barack have to say? Does he advocate wise policy? Does his speaking indicate that he has wisdom and integrity?

Barack says little of substance. What he does advocate is absolutely standard, right down the line, checkmark by checkmark liberal menu of fantasy solutions. Therefore, the overall impression is of a lack of wisdom on Barack's part.

What about integrity?

I instinctively trust Barack to watch my kids, and to save me if I am drowning.

However, the more I listen to Barack, the more I believe the speechifying Barack is a cynical con man. Barack is Elmer Gantry. I think he knows he is speaking in platitudes. He knows he is driving emotion at the expense of reason. This is not integrity. This is cynicism. This is politics as usual, covered in a thick, obscuring gravy of "change." Barack is Elmer Gantry.

Mock Barack. Vote Hillary. She has more wisdom. She is more grounded in reality, and is more grounded in the values which help our nation be great. Further(and I'm having an out of body experience as I type this): Hillary has more integrity. She loves her country. Her words and her actions are more congruent.

Mock Barack. Vote Hillary.

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