Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chicks, Dragons, and Tulips

My third grade nephew has enjoyed creating football uniforms for his team: The Chicago Chicks. You can double click on any picture to see a larger version, and to read his notes. This is the Playoff Uniform. That helmet decal is a picket fence with a chicken and a red barn behind it. For award decals, the players add another picket onto the fence:

Isn't he creative? The "Close to Chicago Super Bowl Uniform":

He has another uniform if the Chicks play a Super Bowl far away from Chicago. My nephew's designs are vibrant. The "Pro Bowl and Special Occasions Helmet":

Concept Helmet: The Tropical Helmet. The award decals are yellow chicks. He makes a note that this is not a good player, b/c he doesn't have many yellow chicks on his helmet.

I'm also having fun. The uniform for my team: The Texas Komodo Dragons, has a Pacific island vibe, as that is the habitat of Komodo Dragons. Those are Dragons on the beach; sticking their tongues out at opponents.

My Kindergartener niece, with an assist from my brother, got in on the act. Be sure and double click, to check the notes. Her team: The Wisconsin Spring Tulips*.

Lots of detail. Check the notes for the detail.

There's a speck of dirt on that shovel.

*Spring Tulips is Trademark Protected!

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