Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dr. Jeremiah Wright at NAACP

First: CNN studio host Rick Sanchez may as well don a cheerleading skirt, pom-poms, and a sweater which says "Barack". I mean ... REALLY. Sanchez is unbelievable. It's hard to think of a less competent, more biased American journalist.

Second: the NAACP offered this speaking slot in an effort to rehabilitate Sen. Obama. The rationale: a) Rev. Wright gives a non-racist, non-Marxist, non-America-blaming speech at the NAACP; then b) ipso facto, Rev. Wright has therefore never given racist, Marxist, America blaming speeches in the past. Instead, Rev. Wright has merely been taken out of context.

This is a non-sequitur. That this speech tonight might've been largely unobjectionable (did anyone expect different?) does not mean Rev. Wright has not given objectionable speeches in the past.

Further, the "out of context" rationale is specious. I've read very large excerpts surrounding Rev. Wright's recent famous statements(i.e. Goddamn America; U.S. Government intentionally infected blacks with AIDS; America deserved 9/11 because we bombed innocents). THE TRUTH IS the larger the Rev. Wright excerpt you read, the more objectionable Rev. Wright's comments become. Playing short excerpts actually does Rev. Wright and Barack Obama a favor. Obama and his supporters can only claim "out of context" b/c they know few will read the extended comments, and most will believe Rich Sanchez' assurances about "out of context."

Pre-speech: NAACP gives Wright an award "for speaking truth to power". Heh. The NAACP satirizes itself.

NAACP introducer (Dr. Wendell Anthony) emphasizes Rev. Wright was "taken out of context", and that is not going to happen tonight. The introducer compares Rev. Wright's persecution to MLK, Nelson Mandela, and Jesus. Rick Sanchez later says the introduction "makes very important points."

Dr. Wright's major theme:

"In the past, we were taught to see those of other religions as somehow being deficient." "...abnormal, subspecies, or somehow deficient." Condensed: we were snobs in many areas: music, culture, language, et al.

"We established arbitrary norms. But a change is coming, b/c we no longer see others who are different as deficient. We just see them as different."

The extended theme: Barack Obama (my protege! all hail me!) will lead the change.

The rest of the speech revolves around the theme, and amounts to: a scolding for believing "different" is "deficient"; an extended excuse for lack of black education and economic progress; and an exhortation for black people to become more educated and to make more economic progress.

I only want to note this about Dr. Wright's theme: I do not think different is deficient. I think deficient is deficient. I suspect most Americans think the same way I do.

Dr. Wright is very smart man. I suspect Dr. Wright understands our (mainstream?)American thinking perfectly well. I suspect Dr. Wright ignores his understanding of our thinking ... in the interest of advancing Black Liberation Theology(and it's inherent Marxism) ... and in the interest of advancing the fame and the power of Dr. Jeremiah Wright.

I suspect Sen. and Mrs. Obama fell into the trap of believing what Dr. Jeremiah Wright has been preaching. They didn't know any better - which is not a good recommendation for a President and a First Lady.

In a way, this election amounts to a national referendum on Black Liberation Theology, it's Marxist underpinnings, and it's assertions of white guilt. Does the nation believe in these concepts? Does the nation want a President who believes in these concepts?

The Anchoress has written that no one should be vilified for their religion. If religion and politics are kept separate, I agree. In such case, religion deserves to be a private matter, and a candidate ought not be expected to explain religious minutiae.

However, Black Liberation Theology is an intentional intermingling of religion, Marxist economics, and leftist politics. As such, it must be examined. It especially must be examined in this case, as Sen. Obama does not have a long record to run on. The nation is still trying to grasp who Senator Obama is. Many (even Sen. Obama's aides and advisers) say: "I 'believe' Sen. Obama believes this...." Few say, with conviction: "Sen. Obama believes this...." Sen. Obama is slippery that way.

Update - VDH:

As I said before, between Wright's racism and hatred, and Obama's contextualization of what he has said, we have so lowered the bar that the next racist (and he won't necessarily be black) who evokes hatred of other races and then offers a mish-mash pop theory of genetic differences will have plenty of "context" to ward off public fury.

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