Saturday, April 05, 2008

O'Keeffe: Peach and Glass

Every spring, Google sends what I assume are fathers(and some mothers?) and Little League coaches to my blogpost: Everything I Know About Batting. I'm very proud of that post. It is meat and potatoes. It's important to not overcomplicate coaching instruction.

In this blog, I am not trying to "do" any particular good thing. I simply use this blog to express myself. If I could paint, sculpt, dance, or play the guitar or the piano: then I might be expressing myself through those instead. Everyone has things to express. This is my outlet.

If I have - on the way to selfishly expressing myself for my own enjoyment - accidentally accomplished one worthwhile thing, maybe Everything I Know About Batting is it. Googlers have read it - both last spring and this spring - at exactly this time of year: just as Little League is getting started. I am very happy about that. I hope it helps some of them.

Here's an example of a Google search: STOP SWINGING AT HIGH BALLS
Link This query called up approx 100,000 hits, and Everything I Know About Batting was #1 on the Google list. Hooray!

Ironically: I don't know, for certain, how to get a child to stop swinging at high balls. I suspect the solution is almost as much a spiritual fix as a technical fix. In the interim: "Swing level" is a good starting point. It's difficult to both swing level and swing at high pitches. At a minimum, it requires some unnatural contortion. The other thing is: never, ever swing at high pitches. Not in batting practice (this is a common mistake allowed by unknowing coaches pitching to tiny hitters); not in Wiffle Ball or softball (hit the softball chest high, and no higher); not at a birthday party Pinata. Not ever. Not EVER.

Whew. Just had to express that!

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