Monday, April 07, 2008

O'Keeffe "Mule Deer Skull and Flowers"

The skull represents Texas Rangers pitching over the previous decade. The flowers represent the unfolding beautiful future.

The Texas Rangers soft-toss/control pitcher Starting Pitcher prospects
(these lists do not include the Rangers' sizable pool of talented young relievers):

LH Kason Gabbard: gutsy. smart.
Brandon McCarthy: finicky. I worry.
Luis Mendoza: this "control pitcher" listing is a bit unfair, as Mendoza can touch 91-92.

Potential Arrival 2009:

LH A.J. Murray: a personal favorite. I expect Murray to succeed somewhere in the major leagues.
LH Matt Harrison
Michael Schlact: Could quickly distinguish himself. 6'7" with intelligence and competitive make-up.
Doug Mathis

Texas Rangers low 90's heat Starting Pitcher prospects:

Scott Feldman(!) from Mike Hindman:
It (exhibition against Rangers major leaguers) was our first chance to get a look at Scott Feldman as a starter since 2004.
The all-new Feldman -- throwing from a high three-quarters delivery rather than the sweeping sidearm he'd employed previously -- was sharp, pounding the strike zone with a very lively 92-94 mph four-seamer, heavy 90 mph sinkers and some biting sliders. Through six innings, Feldman surrendered three innocuous hits and one mammoth jack by Ian Kinsler that cleared the street behind the left-field entrance gate. Feldy fanned six and walked just one.
Feldman is tall, competitive, intelligent, and can control his pitches. He has a good chance to gel, and it could happen quickly.

Update: I wrote the above before Friday night's Feldman performance(from Scott Lucas):
Scott Feldman carried a perfect game into the 5th and a no-hitter into the 7th. He grudgingly permitted one run and completed seven innings with only five baserunners allowed and two strikeouts. 14 of the 22 balls hit into play against him were grounders. As Feldman walked off the mound, he pointed at some indeterminate spot in the sky and bellowed, “You option me at your peril, Jon Daniels! I will smite you with my new three-quarter delivery!” Then he calmed down.
Dustin Nippert: works at 92-93, can amp up a bit more. Is 6'7", which helps 92 look fast. Nippert is in the major leagues, and is working to improve his fastball control. He's a starting pitcher if he does. He's a Fort Worth Cat if he doesn't.
John Patterson: a talented major league pitcher if he can get healthy. Is 6'5". Used to throw 95 with "a hook from hell."
Eric Hurley: 6'4". Works at 92 with outstanding fastball control. Can amp up faster.

Potential Arrival 2009ish:

Josh Rupe: works at 94.
Thomas Diamond: works at 92-93.

For once, the Texas Rangers have plenty of pitching. The Rangers can suffer pitching injuries, have solid prospects fail, and still have enough pitching at the major league level.


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