Tuesday, September 04, 2007

2nd Bloom County cartoon censored. Opus Akbar.

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This cartoon teases America - represented by Steve Dallas - more than it teases Islam. The only teasing directed at Islam occurs in the very last line, from Opus:

"A Burqini!"

A Burquini, btw, is hooded yet "Dynamic Swimwear for today's Muslim female". It offers "50+ UV Protection", and comes in "Slim-Fit" or "Modest Fit".

Despite the tameness of the Bloom County cartoon, Washington Post - along with 25 other newspapers - refused to print it. These newspapers are capitulating - ceding their own free speech rights - to radical Islam.


1) media hissy fits directed at a Bush Administration they know will do them no physical harm


2) media refusal to tweak Islam in the mildest possible fashion.

Notice WaPo goes to extreme lengths to protect employees from direct threats by radical Islam, yet is only modestly concerned with protecting general American citizens from direct threats by radical Islam. WaPo consistently minimizes the threat represented by "a tiny minority" of Islamists - until that threat appears at their front door. Suddenly: "Holy geez!" - the "tiny minority" seems a ferocious threat, and WaPo dives their derrieres into the sandbag bunker.

Why is WaPo playing this inconsistent and immoral double game? At root, whether they admit it to themselves or not, WaPo's dualism is about defeating Republicans at the polls. That accounts for pooh-poohing "a tiny minority" whilst diving for the bunker if the tiny minority comes anywhere near WaPo staff. WaPo's actions demonstrate true fear of the tiny minority. If a Dem were in the Oval Office, WaPo words would be consistent with WaPo actions. WaPo would be hawks - as they were in 1998, when President Clinton spoke words as inflammatory as anything President Bush has said. WaPo fell in beside President Clinton. WaPo only abandoned their hawkish stance when political winds changed. We news consumers would do well to keep this in mind.

And please spare us the pap about "brave" media "speaking truth to power." Snigger. Snort.

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