Monday, September 03, 2007

SMU's Classic Helmet

SMU has one of the great helmets in college football. As a child, I was transfixed by the pony.

When SMU first went to a Navy blue helmet and a classic, no frills uniform look; the red pony on the blue helmet was intriguing, yet not quite as wonderful as it deserved to be:

SMU soon enough added a white background to the red pony(top picture), thus restoring their decal to it's deserved glory.

As I type this, Texas Tech is stomping SMU. SMU coach Phil Bennett is in at least his 4th season, and this is a case where a school should be patient with it's coach. Coach Bennett is a proven coaching talent who walked into a horrid situation. He is also perfect for SMU. He loves SMU. He would likely stay at SMU for 20 years if he had the opportunity. He simply walked into pig sty of a football program. When he arrived, SMU Football could not possibly have been more run down, nor more demoralized. Coach Bennett said the SMU job was more difficult than he expected when he took the job. I'm sure he is shocked at the number of recruits who refuse even to consider SMU.

An AD with wisdom and guts would give Phil Bennett a 10 year contract, to make a statement, and then the AD would hang in there. You know Phil will get it right, eventually.

It would be the first time SMU Football had gotten it right since, really, their 1967 Cotton Bowl team, and their 1968 Bluebonnet Bowl team. I don't consider the corrupt Pony Express era to be "getting it right."

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