Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Uniform Atrocities

Look at these sad, sad uniforms. The current explosion of wacky uniform design reminds of the 1970s explosion of polyester: lime green suits; hot pink golf slacks; wacky stripes, polka dots, paisleys; anything and everything goes. Designers could do more with polyester colors and patterns than they ever could before, and they went crazy.

Fifteen years later, we looked back and said: What were we thinking? We were tragic victims of 1970s fashion.

Fifteen years from now, football players and coaches will look back just like we did. They will say: What were we thinking? Current players are tragic victims.

Only a couple of years ago, SMU had classically simple throwback uniforms. They were pristine and beautiful.
Current SMU uniforms are jarring to the eye - like modern artwork which intentionally attempts to assault your aesthetic sensibilities.
The old, pristine uniforms directed your attention toward the wonderful helmets, with their suggestion of fleet forward motion. The effect was thrilling.
The current, busy uniforms draw your attention away from the helmets, and into a fabric of confusion. The helmet is no longer the focus. The effect is jarring. A shame.
Texas Tech?
Uniform atrocity. Texas Tech needs to pick a color, then use the other color for modest accent. A uniform cannot serve two masters (if those masters are black and red). And whatever that fungus is growing out of the back of their knee.... and on the fronts of their shoulders..... They need antibiotics, is all I can say.

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