Saturday, September 22, 2007


The curious thing about life is we can never really, truly, actually know it's meaning and it's purpose. That is beyond our capability to understand.

We can postulate, but only at shallow levels:

  • The meaning of life is to live it, or
  • The meaning of life is to glorify God, or
  • The meaning of life is to prepare our souls for eternity.

That's all good stuff, yet it's necessarily shallow. Human capacity to understand is shallow.

Yet, reason tells us God acts in logical fashion. God is not a random prankster. Therefore exists a path of cohesive truth which stretches all the way to the very nub of the purpose of all existence. It's just that our brains are not strong enough to take the entire path.

Do we seek to get as far along the path as possible? For now, I think this: if it is your bliss, seek away!

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