Thursday, April 26, 2007

Culling the archives

Over a few weeks, I gradually reduced The End Zone's archives, from more than 600 posts, down to a low of 95 posts. This post is number 100. I doubt I'll go below 100 again. I don't want to go any lower.

Whew. What an exercise in priorities! I culled posts I had spent hours on, between the writing and the rewriting. I culled "Dallas Mavericks Fan Jam 2005" - a subject I love, then kept:

"Rock Chunkin Muslim Protesters Throw Like Girls"

Famous Cousin Jeff made the cut with three posts:

Nancy Pelosi in Syria
Globetrotting Famous Cousin Jeff Weighs In On ANWR
TCU vs. Houston

I kept a grouping of "quote posts", just to have them on file. I could remove these, and save them in the document files of my home computer:

The Wookie Defense
The lamp of the body is the eye
e.e. cummings: what Got him was Nothing

I kept a good stock of photo posts. See if you can identify a common denominator:

Oscar "Do's" of Kate Winslett
Sarah and Emily Hughes
Protest Babes + Protest Cat

Kept a bunch opinion posts. I never took my opinions too seriously, though my writing is poor enough that it sometimes seems that way. In actuality, my opinions are forming as I write. Writing is the way I work things out in my mind. I maybe should work things out before I start, but I don't. This is not formal essay writing - it is blogging. So I charge ahead, and figure things out as I re-read, and edit, and see the logical holes in my thinking. Writing is a good way to discipline your thinking. Some favorites - which are not necessarily very disciplined!

1992 Cowboys-49ers NFC Championship
How to Apologize
ARod Magnum Opus: What Went Wrong in Arlington
Psychological Defense Mechanisms
Everything I Know About Batting
The Small Moments Fill Me With Wonder
End Zone World: High School Mascots

Best of all, a number of posts were saved for remembrance sake, in the true spirit of a web log, aka "blog":

Ft. Worth to Madison to Ft. Worth: Four Posts in 11/04 Archive
Denham to Ft. Worth: Two Posts in 12/04 Archive
Phantom Regiment, and Life
A Teenager's Room
Visiting the U.S.S. Lexington
Things to do when it snows

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