Friday, July 06, 2007

Astros CF Hunter Pence

Hunter Pence has a gee whiz, glad to be here, Mark "The Bird" Fidrich quality about him - as you maybe can see in these pictures.

Famous Cousin Jeff:

In addition to the walk off homer, [Pence] caught a Ryan Howard 435' fly ball at the top of the hill, leaning against the flag pole. The first time I have really seen the flagpole be in play. It was a huge shot from Howard. Pence got to the warning track (at the base of the hill), stopped, looked down, and then ran up the hill to make the catch. [Greg's comment: major cool!]

He hit his 11th homer last night. The announcers here make fun of him for having the fastest home run trot in baseball.

He just got enough at bats to qualify for season stats. He is #2 in avg., 6th in triples.

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