Saturday, July 28, 2007

Overhead scoreboards and football punts

Dallas Morning News:

Knowing the [new Cowboys] stadium will feature a 60-yard, center-hung scoreboard, Jones wanted to see how low it could be without affecting punts.

After practice, Mat McBriar launched punts as high as he could as the operators of the Alamodome moved the scoreboard from as high as 110 feet to as low as 93.

"One hundred feet would be the right height," said McBriar, noting that most punts don't travel down the middle of the field. "It would be close, but I don't think someone would hit it."
If I am a 2009 Cowboys season ticket holder, and had I not read this article, punt height vs. scoreboard height is just the type of thing I would spend time speculating on ... is that scoreboard too low? How did they determine how high to put it? LOOK how close those punts come to hitting it!

I speculate that Jerry Jones might have a sight-line consideration in scoreboard placement. He needs the top sideline row to be able to see the opposite bench area. He needs the top end zone row to be able to see the opposite end zone - though maybe not to be able to see mid-air field goal tries on the opposite end. To see if opposite end field goals are going to be good, end zone fans can watch the gigantic live action scoreboard, I guess.

In sports stadiums, as in everything, the only constant is change...

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