Tuesday, July 24, 2007

September of Patraeus?

Dean Barnett:
Lt. Col. Oliver North had been up to his eyeballs in Iran/Contra skullduggery and had previously lied to Congress. And yet when attacked by the Senate, he emerged clearly victorious.
If eager young politicians wanted to look at a case study in how not to tar and feather a faltering administration, they should look to the Summer of Ollie North. Disrespecting the uniform is a bad idea. Disrespecting the uniform when it’s worn by a man who can run rhetorical circles around his inquisitors is a positively terrible idea.
SO WHAT’S THE STATE OF PLAY right now? The surge is showing results. It’s impossible to get a report from Iraq that says otherwise. That doesn’t mean that the road from here to a peaceful, responsible Iraq will be an easy one. But it is literally impossible to find a military person who thinks David Petraeus is doing a poor job. He has earned credibility throughout his career, and he has continued to earn it the last several months. Meanwhile, the left is turning on both Petraeus and the troops he leads.

I hope Dean's right.

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