Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Condoleeza Rice is a disappointment

When the U.S. engages in Middle East diplomacy, Arab nations bring all subjects back to Israel.

In my judgment, Arab nations are committed to a strategy of incrementally chipping away at Israel, bit by bit, over years or decades, if necessary, until Israel can no longer effectively defend itself. Then Islam will strike.

This strategy comes straight from the Koran - straight from the Prophet Muhammad's playbook in Hudaybiyah: bide your time, lull your enemy with a peace treaty when you possess only 1400 warriors .... then, two years later, when you possess 10,000 warriors: STRIKE!

When explaining the Oslo Treaty to Palestinians, Yasser Arafat publicly referred to Muhammad's Hudaybiyah strategy. Muhammad did employ the thinnest pretext of justification in that instance: arguing that a minor incident constituted his enemy's breaking of the treaty. Does anyone doubt Muslims' ability to rationalize the breaking of any treaty? Does anyone doubt Muslims count on their own ability to do this? They COUNT ON their ability to rationalize, and to thus retain their honor and remain religiously pristine.

Muhammad broke numerous treaties. Muhammad's emissary claimed Allah Himself declared one treaty null. Hudaybiyah is only the most famous example of Muhammad breaking a treaty. Hudaybiyah, for Muslims, is a famous story. A Christian comparison - in magnitude of familiarity - might be the story of Jesus feeding the multitudes with a few loaves and a few fish.

Never doubt that Arabs plan to deliver the coup de grace once Israel is weak enough. Israeli Jews might be wiped out - along with vast numbers of Israeli Arabs, btw. Israel would be no more.

In this scenario, Israel would cease to exist even in text books. References will strictly cite the great victory over the Zionist illegal occupation. The mention of Israel in a Western textbook would be considered hateful provocation. See: Cartoons, Danish

Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice has been a big disappointment to me in this area. reports that Sec. Rice, in return for "help" from Arab states re: Iraq, has promised more U.S. capitulation re: Israel. I feel despair over this news.

Helping in Iraq will either benefit Arab states - in which case they will help us regardless of our Israel policy; or helping in Iraq will not benefit Arab states - in which case they will not help us - no matter what they promise and/or pretend to do. Either way, our capitulation re: Israel will not promote the success of the Iraqi government. Sec. Rice has been sucked into illogical, irrational, nonstrategic thinking. I am disappointed.


In the world of the State Department, of which Secretary Rice appears to have become the captive, the creation of a twenty-third Arab state -- rather than the inability of Israel's neighbors to accept one Jewish state -- is the key to all mythologies.

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