Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cha Cha's OODA Loop was tighter

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Competitive doctrine holds that one must Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act more quickly than one’s opponent. This is called an OODA Loop, or a Boyd Loop, for its inventor: John Boyd, of Top Gun fame.

As soon as you Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act, you immediately repeat the process. Each iteration of the process comprises one OODA Loop. You want your loops to occur quicker, i.e. to be tighter, than your opponent’s loops. In this way you force your opponent to react to you, and to react more slowly. You seize initiative/competitive momentum. If your OODA Loops are tighter than your opponents’, your chances of winning the contest are greatly increased.

Cha Cha's OODA Loop was tighter: she used wine, cheese, and a mugger's own humanity in a successful bid to disarm him. She seized initiative, and was able to induce her opponent to react to her. She observed something about her opponent’s demeanor - a competitive vulnerability, as it were: he was not psychotic, he was not beyond reason, he had a heart. She oriented herself, decided, and acted on that. She repeated as necessary.


I envision Cha Cha as a 43 year old sexy and Earthy woman, with a nicely intuitive and well-rounded understanding of men. In the preachy movie which Hollywood will surely produce from this incident, Cha Cha will be a redhead. She will be played by someone like Lolita Davidovitch, or Gina Davis, or maybe Stockard Channing.

In my imagining of the screenplay, Cha Cha will have been done wrong by men - maybe even raped - but she will have healed, and she will have forgiven the entire male gender for its culpability. Her true, girlhood love will have died… lets see… as one of only 6 casualties of the invasion of Grenada. She will have dumped her last man b/c he boozed, and b/c he refused to be rid of his mutton chop sideburns. She and he will still have a fond relationship with each other.

Cha Cha’s career will be with a nonprofit in the D.C. area [Update: Cha Cha lives in Falls Church and works part time at her childrens' school]. She will, as a trusted and close friend of the family, have explained (in an earthy and frank fashion) intimate things to the 14 year girl which the girl would not have sat still for her mother to explain. Cha Cha will be a breast cancer survivor - though she might die at the end of the third act. I will surely leave the theater in tears.
Driver Says: July 15th, 2007 at 3:41 pm
Nobody has picked up on this key aspect of the wine story yet: Thank God it was near midnight, well after dinner, and the wine had had ample time to breathe…harsh tannins and an under-developed nose could have led to a far worse outcome. [j/k!]

Update Note:

  • The median family income in Falls Church is $97,225.
  • James Thurber's family had a summer home in Falls Church, and there Thurber lost his left eye in a childhood accident.
  • Red Auerbach is buried in Falls Church.
  • Fox News babe and secret End Zone crush Molly Henneburg resides in Falls Church.

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