Monday, November 05, 2007

How good is Adrian Peterson?

Seriously. How good? At this moment, no one knows the answer ... not even Adrian.

It's not like the Chargers were desperately trying to stop Brooks Bollinger's passing game. Whillakers.

Look at the muscle definition in Adrian Peterson's arm. An OU Asst. Coach, interviewed on radio, said Adrian Peterson is a force of nature in workouts. Gives no quarter, ever. LIKES contact in workouts. Seeks it out. Got mad when he had to wear a "don't hit this player" jersey in practice. Won every single conditioning sprint during his entire stay in Norman. Every one. Every practice. How good is this guy?

Changing subject: How bad were the uniforms in that game?

Ten or so years ago, the Chargers turned maybe the best uniform in NFL history into a still beautiful dark blue jersey uniform. Now, the Chargers have turned a still beautiful uniform into a pedestrian uniform. Uniform-wise, the organization is going backwards. For the good of the league, and the nation, Roger Goodell should step in with a heavy hand. If the Chargers put on some gold pants, or a dynamic shade of California sky-blue pants, all would be forgiven.

On the other side of the scrimmage line, the Vikings have turned a classically simple uniform into a clown suit. The Vikings helmet emblem has clean lines. The clean helmet clashes with the clamorous uniform. Blegh.

Last: Consider the RBs who have come through Norman:

Billy Vessels (Heisman Trophy)
Prentice Gautt (College Football Hall of Fame)
Steve Owens (Heisman Trophy)
Joe Washington
Greg Pruitt (College Football Hall of Fame + 5 NFL Pro Bowls)*
Billy Sims (Heisman Trophy + on periphery of "best ever in NFL" argument)
David Overstreet
Marcus Dupree (on periphery of "best ever" argument)
Adrian Peterson

6 of the 9 RBs are from Texas, exceptions being Vessels and Gautt - Oklahoma, and Dupree - Mississippi.

*was impetus for NCAA banning use of tear-away jerseys: "The Greg Pruitt Rule". In a 10 game 1971 season, sharing carries in a 3 back Wishbone Option, Greg Pruitt rushed for 1665 yards, averaging 9.4 yards per carry. Take a moment to let that sink in.

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