Saturday, November 17, 2007

University of Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks

defeat Alabama in Tuscaloosa! HUGE!

That's a Warhawk on that helmet. Just in case you are unsure what is on the helmet, the front of the jersey says: "Warhawks." Normally, a road jersey would state the name of the school ... unless said name is "Louisiana-Monroe".

I like the Warhawks mascot. First, b/c of relevance: there are many hawks in northeast Louisiana. Second, b/c "Warhawks" is memorable. "Warhawks" is kind of like "Bearcats": makes you sit up and take notice - which is good.

Still, it would've been completely memorable if the mascot were "Doctrine", as in the "Louisiana-Monroe Doctrine." This was a warlike doctrine. It asserted the United States' right to intervene militarily into any conflict in the entire Western Hemisphere. Therefore, school cheers could proceed like this:

"Go-ooo Doctrine! In - ter - vene! In - their - business!"


"Im - ple - ment! Im - ple - ment! Implement! Implement! Go-oooo Doctrine!"

Back to today's notable victory: I've been to Tuscaloosa. I've been on the campus, and I've seen Alabama's stadium. What a place for Louisiana-Monroe to win! Congratulations, Warhawks!


It's fun to see certain coaches when they are unhappy. If a coach seems to enjoy an aura of competence juuust a bit too much, it is fun to see them unhappy. Bob Stoops is such a coach.

Nick Saban, also.

Bob and Nick are making an awful lot of money in return for coaching excellence...

Complete wild-hair conjecture:

Look at Nick Saban. He doesn't look happy in any way whatsover.

Tuscaloosa is not an interesting town. It's not a bustling town. It's not a pretty town. It's a long way from being a city. And, from Tuscaloosa, it's a long way to get yourself to anywhere which is interesting, or pretty, or a city.

Nick Saban favors Armani suits. I wonder how happy he and his wife and his children really are in Tuscaloosa? It's hard to imagine a place less hospitable to their vibe. Dennis Franchione's wife, and his other coaches' wives, were reportedly unhappy in Tuscaloosa. It's easy to see why.

For Mrs. Saban: Tuscaloosa is a big step down from Miami. Miami residents wear Armani. Miami rocks. Tuscaloosa... I don't know what they do there - except get drunk on gameday.

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