Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wonderful story from Iraq, Part 2

At the Baghdad church whose replaced cross was documented by Michael Yon's iconic (and MSM-ignored) photo:
the first service with an official priest is held - in Latin - with American soldiers attending as honored guests, and with many Muslims attending the service in honor of their Christian neighbors.

Background: Al Qaeda drove many Christians out of this neighborhood. Muslim residents begged Michael Yon to publicize that Al Qaeda is now gone; and that Muslim residents very much want their Christian neighbors to return to their former homes.

Link to Micheal Yon's photo story of the event - Come Home:
It was the local Muslims, according to LTC Michael, who first came to him[an American commander] for help to protect the Christians in his area. That’s right. LTC Michael told me more than once that the Muslims reached out to him to protect the Christians from al Qaeda. Real Muslims here are quick to say that al Qaeda members are not true Muslims.
When fundamentalist atrocities occur, Americans (like me) frequently ask: "Where are the moderate Muslims?" One place one may find moderate Muslims: sitting front and center in the above photograph.

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