Friday, November 30, 2007

TV football announcers - former players - don't understand rule


The prelude to this accusation is being shown over and over on ESPN:

Cowboys WR Miles Austin, #19, is running under a deep pass.

Packers DB Tramon Williams, #24, is slightly behind Austin, and on Austin's right.

Williams attempts to cross behind Austin, and to get to Austin's left. In the attempt, Williams' legs and Austin's legs get tangled up. Austin was running a straight line. Williams attempted to loop around behind Austin, but instead went diagonally through the follow through of Austin's striding legs.

Nearest ref calls nothing. Distant ref runs in and calls pass interference.

Color Commentator Chris Collinsworth, plus ESPN Highlight Commentator Sean Salisbury, both assert this was a blown call. They cite the NFL rule that getting legs tangled does not equate to pass interference.


The legs tangled rule surely only applies if players are running side by side. It cannot logically apply to a DB crossing behind a WR. The Green Bay DB ran through Miles Austin's legs. It might have been an intentional maneuver by the Green Bay DB - which is why IT MUST be called as interference. Otherwise, you would see DBs accidentally-on-purpose running through WR's legs on five passes per game.

This is completely obvious to me. It was not obvious to Chris Collinsworth, nor is it completely obvious to Sean Salisbury. I've never read the NFL rulebook, yet I know, via using logic and reason, both former players are wrong. I question their reasoning! I demand access to their Wonderlic scores!

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Oh, I almost forgot: Go Cowboys!

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