Saturday, December 01, 2007

Debate comment which is like salsa with chips

Ace of Spades has a CNN debate post which goes well with my own debate post - kinda like salsa goes with tortilla chips.

Ace touches on something I thought of writing about: CNN's selection of video questioners who made Repubs look bad. My own post did discuss how CNN's choice of questions was designed to make Repubs look like bigots. Ace's point is the questioners themselves were chosen - for their looks, clothing, attitudes, and background scenery - in order to make Repubs look as much as possible like scary Deliverance hillbillys.

Read his post. Like the rest of his blog, the post is fun and profane.

Related: Good highlight video of some of the questioners, and of some of the high points of the debate. Notice this video is not generated by MSM, as I, for one, expected it would be. The internet is overtaking the MSM in so many areas...

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