Friday, December 14, 2007

To Catch A Thief

I watched "To Catch A Thief" this evening.

There is a scene in which Grace Kelly drives herself and Cary Grant, very fast, down a winding European mountain road. The Mediterranean Sea looms beautifully in the distance. The mountain road is full of hairpin curves. It is a dangerous road. I was struck by the irony that Grace Kelly died, in an auto crash, while being driven down a similar road.

In the commentary after the movie, I learned Princess Grace died on the exact same road which was pictured in the movie.

I wish Grace Kelly was still with us.

In "To Catch A Theif", Grace Kelly's mother laments that her daughter is overly reserved and proper. The mother says:
"I never should have sent her to finishing school. I think it finished her."

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