Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Better than most offerings at modern art museums

I say this is legitimate artistic comment about personal presentation. h/t 1, 2

I'm off to visit family, and might not blog again until the New Year. Since the artist above is wearing festive Christmas green, this will be my official Merry Christmas post...
Merry Christmas!!
and much love.

The top half of the Wisconsin State Christmas tree, displayed in the rotunda of one of the most beautiful state capitol buildings in America, circa 2004. The bottom half of the tree is hidden by the second floor walkway. I'm saying that's 35 feet of tree, from the first floor to tip top. Photo by Ann Althouse. More photos of the tree and the beautiful Wisconsin State Capitol. In 2004 this was a "Holiday Tree." Beginning in 2006, some legislators introduced legislation to henceforth call it a "Christmas Tree." The controversy carried into this year, when an atheist Wisconsin legislator famously announced:
"The people of Wisconsin do not have the right to have a 'Christmas' anything!"

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