Monday, December 03, 2007

McCain and a helpful lefty in the CNN debate

[I]f you read bin Laden, if you read Zawahiri, read what they say. They want to follow us home. [...] Their ultimate destination is New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Phoenix, Arizona. This is a transcendent challenge of our time.
Helpful Lefty, you have 30 seconds...
If Bin Laden and Zawahiri follow us home, I think the climate near Phoenix would suit them best. They might hide near Sedona, or further north in the Grand Canyon area. If the National Parks Service oppressively profiles them as trespassers, they might try the New Mexico badlands.

If they follow us home, I would congratulate them for setting a good example by choosing a very carbon neutral lifestyle, both in Pakistan and in the U.S. I would encourage them to continue their good example, via purchasing carbon credits to offset their travel to the United States. Also: envision world peace, guys.

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