Monday, November 19, 2007

More hate crimes committed against Jews than against Muslims

by a factor of more than 5 to 1.

During 2006:
American hate crimes against Jews: 1021
American hate crimes against Muslims: 191

Turned on cable news much during the last few years? Have you seen outraged CAIR spokespersons decrying American hate crime against Muslims? Sure you have.

I had actually speculated the ratio would be more like 10 to 1, instead of 5 to 1. I am exceptionally cynical about CAIR spokespersons. Here's my question:

What category of Americans were most responsible for all that hate crime against Jews? Gosh, it's difficult to come up with an answer...

  • Would it more likely be women or men?
  • Medicare eligibles? Middle aged? Young adults?
  • Buddhists? Baptists? Unitarians? Some other religious group?
  • Maybe a large populace of KKK members running wild across America? Anyone hear of a resurgent population of KKK?
  • Rabid bird-watchers? American Kennel Club? National Rifle Association? Shriners?
It's almost like a trick question. WhoEVER might be committing all those hate crimes against Jews? WhatEVER might be their motivation? Oh, I just have NO IDEA!

If we knew who it was, and we publicly and accurately stated who it was, would our public and accurate statement be decried as a hate crime? Yes, there is a 100% chance it would be - just as already happened after the D.C. sniper attacks, the Univ. of North Carolina "assault by SUV", the San Francisco "rampage by vehicle", the Los Angeles airport shooting attack, and the Univ. of Oklahoma suicide bomber outside a football game.

If we publicly JUDGED (merciful heavens!?) such an individual's or such a group's actions as being immoral, would our public judgement cause clucking and condemnation amongst many on the left? Yes, there is a 100% chance it would be - just as it was when many Americans judged the 9/11 perpetrators to be victims; and the 9/11 victims ("Little Eichmans") to be culpable perpetrator-citizens of a wicked hegemon with an oppressive foreign policy.

This was an instance, btw, in which Americans on the left and the right rushed to microphones to urge there be no American citizen backlash against Muslims. In retrospect, even after an unprecedentedly shocking terror attack, we needn't have worried. One citizenry in the world has proven itself to not countenance "Muslim backlash": the U.S.A.

And yet, the outraged CAIR spokespersons keep coming; and cable news producers keep allowing microphone access for their dubious assertions. We live in interesting times.

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