Thursday, July 03, 2008

Barack lied


Barack called a second press conference to reinforce that he will withdraw all troops within 16 months.

Lefty blogs interpretation: he said "stable", but he didn't mean it.

My interpretation: sure he meant it. "Stable" means we are winning - which we obviously are. Barack has talked all around all sides of Iraq just as he has talked all around all sides of almost every issue. But, in every debate, Barack said "I will end this war immediately". He gave speeches throughout Spring 2008 in which he again and again repeated "I will end this war in 2009". So, believe whichever side(s) of Barack's surrounding the issue you wish to believe, but I say Barack is a liar, and he's danged sure not Mr. Hope and Change(TM).

Whatever Barack says he has said before, he has surely said it - as he has said almost everything about everything - except for "stable." Barack has never said "stable" before. "Stable" is new. Barack and the left are now trying to skew the plain meaning of "stable". Gosh, whatever is the meaning of "stable"? What could the word mean?

"16 months" used to mean Iraq was a lost cause. Now it means:
I need to win the election, then figure a way to finesse things.
Barack is prepping the ground for the eventual finessing - imo - as no one actually knows what this flim-flam artist will do. We've come to the point where Barack can say "16 months" and have everyone immediately go:
I know he said that, but what will he really do?.
Even the left blogs - which protest that Barack has not changed his position - nevertheless do not know what Barack will do. Barack is a known unknown.


1. Jan 2007: "Withdraw from Iraq immediately".

2. Presidential Debates: "Withdraw from Iraq immediately".

3. Spring 2008: "Withdraw within 16 months".

4. June 2008: "Withdraw based on conditions".

5. July 3, 2008: "Withdraw when Iraq is stable" .

You can see how Barack has been walking away from his long-held "immediate withdrawal" position. Stable is his strongest yet walkaway from "immediate". Stable is plain language - and is no more complicated than 3rd grade vocabulary. "Stable" is identical to Pres. Bush' policy. Michael Crowley, writing on the left wing The New Republic blog:
Correct me if I'm wrong but I immersed myself in Obama's Iraq plan for a recent story and don't recall him making withdrawal contingent on stability. If he really means this, it strikes me as a pretty significant new principle.

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