Thursday, July 03, 2008

Grasping at the wind

"Wretchard, I'll be honest. When you ask "What is truth", I get really confused. The truth about what? Dinosaurs?"
Wretchard said...
The truth about Obama. The simple facts about him. You'd think they'd be easy to get. That you'd at least know the religion or background of a person who was running for President of the United States.

The surprising thing is that the simple facts are surprisingly hard to find. That's not to say that the facts don't exist. But tell me, why are we arguing to this [day] about this subject[?] Is it because the VRWC has invented this subject or is it because the whole trail is as murky as hell[?]

When Barack is forced into taking a position, he a) nuances to the max; b) frequently changes the position anyway. Barack has flipped on the following:

  1. Federal Campaign Reform: supported; now opposes for himself; promises to reform.
  2. NAFTA: opposed while campaigning in Ohio; now supports. Once slapped Hillary from Cleveland to Cincinnati and back. Now says "I used overheated rhetoric" in Ohio.
  3. FISA Bill: opposed (with great moral fervor); now supports. Here's Obama opposing the FISA Bill in 2/08, on the occasion of accepting Chris Dodd's endorsement for President:
    I’ve been proud to stand with Senator Dodd in his fight against retroactive immunity for the telecommunications industry. Secrecy and special interests must not trump accountability.
    New Politics in action. Oh well. See what you want to see. Everyone else does.
  4. Gun Control law in D.C.: Opposed D.C. handgun rights in 11/07; now supports.
  5. Iraq: opposed last week, now supports. (What is the difference between Barack's current position: "slow withdrawal based on conditions" and Bush' position: "As Iraqis stand up we will stand down"?)
  6. Welfare Reform: opposed in 1996; now supports.
  7. Death Penalty: opposed in 1996, now supports.
  8. Marijuana: opposed current criminalization laws in 1/04; now supports.
  9. Illegal Immigration: opposed crackdown on businesses in 3/04 ; now supports.
  10. Gay Marriage: supported, then opposed, now supports. Nuance.
  11. Unified Jerusalem: supported, then opposed (the very next day).
  12. Presidential level Ahmadinejad negotiations w/o preconditions: supported, now opposes. (now favors preconditions by another name: "preparations").
  13. Iran's Revolutionary Guard: opposed designation as terrorist organization; now supports.
  14. Unions: opposed as "special interests" contributing to Hillary; now supports as "representatives of working people" contributing to Barack.
  15. Jeremiah Wright: supported; now opposes. "Not the man I knew".
  16. Tony Rezko: supported; now opposes. "Not the man I knew".
  17. Flag Pin: supported, then opposed, now supports. Nuance.
  18. Michelle Obama: "Not the woman I knew".

I might've made that last one up. Don Surber:

[Liberals] are throwing away all their principles to elect [Obama]: Campaign reform, NAFTA, FISA, gun control — even the Iraq War. Everything must go in this wholesale sellout of the liberals. I am greatly amused.

Question: Don’t all politicians do this?

Answer: Especially the politicians who pretend to be above the fray. I am greatly amused

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