Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Clinton Presidential Library

Ten days ago, I spent several hours touring the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. While the building’s exterior does, hilariously, resemble a trailer house; it’s interior is very nice, drawing sunlight in very effectively. The public exhibits are very interactive, very appropriate for us Wal-Mart type tourists - drawing us further and further into their intrigues.

Beyond the Library building itself, I was reacquainted with my conviction that anytime I am hearing Bill Clinton talking, I am hearing horse manure. I purchased an audio walking tour. To my horror, Pres. Clinton would personally introduce almost every exhibit in my ear. About 5 to 10 words into every introduction, I would remove his voice from my ear, as I couldn’t bear to endure any more of his horse manure intro.

I was also strongly reminded of Pres. Clinton’s attempts to look as if he were addressing various issues. The Library has sections which explore maybe 22 or so aspects of Pres. Clinton’s time in office. On issue after issue, Pres. Clinton maneuvered to look as if he were doing something … even as he was actually doing nothing. The conclusion of several sections would be something like: President Clinton therefore commissioned a blue ribbon panel on the issue. [The End]

President Clinton was mostly an action President only when he was claiming credit for acceding to Republican pressure, such as in signing Welfare Reform. He consistently tried to present an image of a man taking positive action. That he actually took little or no action was of no consequence. He LOOKED LIKE he was taking action. That was the key thing.

I haven’t been to other Presidential libraries. The Clinton Library is a place where the eternal campaign goes on just as surely as JFK’s eternal flame burns. Forevermore, inside his library, President Clinton is campaigning to convince us he was a wonderful President. The campaign never ends.


Bob said...

Osama bin Laden can testify to Clinton's lack of meaningful action. Great post!

gcotharn said...

Thanks, Bob.