Thursday, July 31, 2008


August blog vacation!

Update II: failed embeds replaced with, hopefully, a good embed and a good link.


I was at the Rangers game on Aug. 4. Lots of Yankees fans around me were ... not fun and good natured fellow fans. Then, this:


Josh Hamilton runs like a big graceful stag: Bambi's father. Like a stag, his body language doesn't indicate how fast he is actually moving. Like a stag, you have to see him from distance to get perspective.

Though Josh plays a shallow CF, I think most centerfielders would've made this catch. I just appreciate that it's such a big, powerful, graceful athlete making the catch. I like the picture of it in my mind.

What Josh Hamilton does isn't as easy as he makes it look. Josh is a big man who is an instinctive physical genius. He doesn't think about this stuff. He just does it naturally, like a Zen Master. Like Roy Hobbs. Then he runs off the field as if: "Aw, it warn't nuthin."

Tonight's catch came in the 9th inning of a tie game, with the go ahead run on second base. The stadium was juiced. Link


emjay said...

I watched this on the tube. I'm so jealous that you were there and I wasn't! The Rangers keep giving me heart attacks. Wish they'd start ahead and then stay ahead for a game or two. This is your aunt, by the way.

gcotharn said...

Hey June! It was a wonderful game, and a wonderful night. One of the most memorable Rangers games I've been to. After it was over, as we streamed out, Rangers fans were still screaming, whooping, and high fiving complete strangers who also appeared to be Rangers fans. I suspect the Yankees fans kinda get everyone's dander up, and therefore it's just that much nicer to have a win against the Yankees.