Friday, August 08, 2008

Interrupt this blog vacation: Brandi Carlile!

I'm sorta kinda half watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony,
all of a sudden,
wha ... is drawing my attention?
It's Brandi Carlile singing her biggest hit: "The Story", on a GM commercial!

Way to go Brandi and twins! Way to make some money! You've come a ways, hopefully, from this 2007 appearance on an obscure Spanish language daytime show - video of which I enjoy more than it deserves. From Brandi and the twins being night people who obviously are half awake - at best, to the low production values of the set and the camera work, to the apparent 15 people in the audience, to Brandi not knowing her own MySpace web address: it's the tiny things in life, and in videos (such as the green carpeting), which I enjoy.

PS: I'm happy to report I have suburban friends - of approx. my age, parents of two, youth sports coaches - who saw Brandi in concert and said she was very good. The wife now listens to a Brandi CD when she drives kids around town. Cool.


Holly said...

The band won't see a penny from this commercial. Brandi told us last week in NYC. They are giving all money made from the commercial to grassroots organizations that are supporting the search for alternate energy sources. Gotta love that Brandi and the boys are focusing on the greater good and not making wads of dough from GM - the DEVIL of a corporation.

gcotharn said...

Thanks for this info. It adds a nice touch to the story (corny pun!). I'm happy Brandi and boys hearts are in the right place. I just hope what used to be their money is also.