Thursday, August 14, 2008

Interrupt this blog vacation: Chinese gymnasts

Do these Chinese gymnasts meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years? That's the American team on the left:

AP photo

Another photo - some of the Chinese gymnasts shopping at an Olympic souvenir store on Sunday:

Photo by Juliet Macur/The New York Times

Gateway Pundit - Busted China caught cheating:

[T]oo bad for China the articles [listing gymnast ages as young as 13] were saved in the internet archives.

China is soooo busted!



Anonymous said...

Yes, of course, some of the Chinese gymnasts are under age. Their cheating will probably continue until other countries boycott the gymnastics games. We should get up and walk out of the stadium quietly when known cheating occurs. If this isn't practical, gymnasts should refuse to compete with China. Only when the Chinese lose ENOUGH face will this cheating stop.

gcotharn said...

I appreciate your searching for solutions.

I strongly suspect the Chinese Government was behind this deception. Two things:

1) How immoral is the Chinese Government? Just when you doubt they could sink lower, they do.
2) It will be difficult to catch such cheating in the future. The Chinese Government was only caught this time b/c - before the Chinese could scrub all online references - freelance internet persons did page captures of past online birth information.