Thursday, August 28, 2008

Football begins(!): Baylor Uniforms

July 17, 2009: see post on 2009 Baylor football uniforms at this link.


Coach Art Briles has tried to return to the Grant Teaff era uniforms, with some modification.

The jerseys are Teaff era circa 1974, i.e. the jerseys are darker green than the more emerald green which characterized the last decade+ of the Teaff era (i.e. at least from 1978 on, as illustrated in the photo below, of Singletary in 1979). The darker green is a good green; a likable green; yet not as pretty a green as the more emerald green.

White pants, no stripes. I approve. Teaff pants had a gold stripe outlined by green stripes. I approve the Teaff pants also.

Helmet shade: The helmet gold is nice, yet the shade is not as darkly muddled as it needs to be if Briles wants it to be optimal. The optimal color is "Old Gold" (as also shown in the Singletary photo). I am very, very picky about this. Few others would be as picky. The current helmets are a good shade of gold. The shade could be a lot worse - and has been in the past.

Helmet striping: here I experience cognitive dissonance. The striping is white with green outline, which is perfectly reasonable and perfectly football traditional. However, Baylor for years used a green stripe with a thin white outline(again, shown in the Singletary photo). Baylor has also used no striping; Baylor has also used a single green stripe with no outline. I've never see Baylor gold helmets with a white stripe + green outlines. My brain is broken. I keep staring at the helmet striping as if in a weird, off-kilter dream. The striping - which is perfectly normal and football traditional - is nevertheless freakin me out, man.

BTW: my favorite helmet for Baylor would have no striping.

Overall summary: kudos for Coach Art Briles.

Whines: Jerseys could be emeraldish. Helmet gold could darken. Helmet striping colors could be reversed.

The white helmet stripe with green outline is completely pedestrian. If I am a high school athlete: there's nothing about it which intrigues me or makes me want to put it on my head.


In the first half Baylor is getting drummed by Wake Forest. They started a veteran QB, then quickly replaced him with their exciting frosh stud QB: Robert Griffin III. The back of his uniform says: "Griffin III". I've never seen that before.

Griffin III has both wheels and a cannon. His adrenaline is flowing, and he keeps slinging high fastballs over his receivers' heads - like Roger Staubach at the beginning of a playoff game. So: what's exciting about him? Well, the high fastballs do travel very fast. If they ever hit a receiver, they might knock him down. So, there is some excitement. Also, Griffin III scrambled the Bears downfield, and eventually they got themselves into the end zone. Sic em.


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