Wednesday, August 20, 2008

May and Walsh!



I love these outstanding photos. I like the bottom photo because it shows Kerri's compassion and Misty's famous bootay.

May and Walsh have now gone through two Olympics without losing a set - quite amazing. Kick booty, girls! Misty's bootay is obviously bionic, and cannot be kicked.

May and Walsh are not athletically superior. They are fast on the sand - yet much of that has to do with getting true and good "jumps" on opposition hits. Instead of being athletically superior, May and Walsh are smarter and mentally tougher. A Chinese player, in an effort to stem May' and Walsh' momentum, faked an injury late in the second game. Don't make me laugh. May and Walsh could've cared less. They are about the last athletes in the world who would be affected by such a tactic.

Misty and Kerri are two of my favorite athletes, in any sport, ever. Salute.

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