Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shelby Steele: Why Minorities Are Estranged From Conservatism

originally written in Wall Street Journal, reprinted at Hoover Institution.


Roy Lofquist said...


You wrote "What would have happened if Jean Seberg had been more firmly grounded in solid values? In religious principles?"

I have long believed that had Elvis Presley, a deeply religious man, not found fame and fortune he would have lived a long and happy life. There was a sharp dissonance between his star persona and his inner self. I still listen to his many gospel offerings.


gcotharn said...

That's exactly right. I've never thought of it before, but: Elvis would have had kids, sung in his church, been beloved in his community, and lived to ripe old age. He would've been, in the ways that count, happier and more fulfilled.

And I agree: Elvis' gospel songs are wonderful: beautiful, calming, reassuring.

I'm moving your comment to the Maria McKee post, as I think you maybe intended it to be there.

Anonymous said...

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