Friday, August 07, 2009

Since July 1, Michael Young's offense has been fantastic

I have criticized Rangers 3B Michael Young a lot: for staying too high when he positions his body on defense; for swinging too aggressively at bat (going to the plate to hit, as opposed to going to the plate to get on base[thus setting a terrible example for young and free swinging Rangers hitters]); for standing too far from the plate and forcing every batted ball weakly to RF (defenses have positioned themselves to take these hits away from Michael Young).

However, I want to acknowledge: Michael Young has been offensively fantastic over the last 5 weeks, and is having his best offensive season ever. He is turning on inside pitches and driving them to left centerfield - frequently over the fence in left centerfield. Turning on inside pitches is new for him. It shows he is a veteran hitter who is still improving. This bodes well for the remainder of his career.

I've said Michael Young needs to shoot for a Paul Molitar style strong offensive finish to his career. This season, Michael Young has been Paul Molitar. Much of the rest of the Rangers offense has been the stupidest, wildest swinging, most futile offense in the history of baseball. Michael Young has been fantastic, and has batted at championship level. Any franchise could have benefited from his offense this season: he has been a tough out. Salute.

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