Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog Vacation

It's my birthday! It's also time for blog vacation - though I'm unsure what blog vacation will mean. My best guess is that blogging will be somewhere between light to nonexistent for at least a few weeks, and then a reassess. If you are reading this, thank you for visiting this blog which I have so enjoyed putting together, and which I hope you have enjoyed visiting. You have my love. Go Texas Rangers! Go Derek Holland!

“That the world may have transcendent meaning makes inquiry much more exciting, rather than less exciting. Why should we bother to learn anything if it were all meaningless? But, if the contrary were true, then rush out now and live.”

Olympic Gold Medalist
Mariel Zagunis

Cathy Seipp

“A generous heart will never care to go part way;
it won’t be cowed
if there is passage anywhere,
but set out on the hardest road;
nothing can cause it misery,
and with faith soaring like a cloud
it feeds on something I don’t know
that one may come on randomly.”
- St. John of the Cross

Shiri Negari

My cousin Nancy, her husband Todd, and their now 1 month old son Blake, born this July.

Nancy and Blake benefit from more good genes passed down from End Zone commenter, and random grandmother-&-great-grandmother-about-town, Emjay.

For years, beginning as a baby, Nancy would spend many Thursdays at our house, accompanied by her sisters. Being somewhat high spirited, we deployed Nancy as a combination golf caddy and Coors Light koozie. Although, second thought: maybe it was only me who deployed her as a human koozie. However that came about (ahem), I'm pretty sure she loved being one of the boys - because, who wouldn't?

Below, from a week ago: Kris-in-Law, Youngest Nephew, Youngest Niece, Bro64. Maybe it was him who forced Nancy to stare into the sun for a photo while performing slave labor. He looks kinda guilty.


emjay said...

O.K., happy birthday again AND it's all right to take a SHORT vacation but come back soon so my morning reading material doesn't disappear.
(Yeah, Go Rangers!)

waco wacko said...

Happy Birthday! We found some pictures of you when you were little. Wish I could post them on your blog.

gcotharn said...

thanks waco :) If there's a way to email the photos to me, I will post them.

gcotharn [at] yahoo [dot] com

Webutante said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Greg! And many healthy, happy returns. Am with you on the blog vacation then reassessment soon after. Am a bit tired and want to spend more time out in the "real" world. Will be checking back to see what's happening here. Enjoy your break. All best, Jane

Nicolesaba said...
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