Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Happy Faces of Victory

Youngest Nephew - aka the gun owner, sports uniform designer, and fearsome rock chunker and Iran liberator - is wearing eyeglasses and is positioned above "Year". Click the pic for a heartwarming close-up of the smiling faces. Americana.

In addition to his other skills, Youngest Nephew can hit:

In the photo at top, Bro64 is at top right, and is mightily pleased with

1) the team's play, and
2) the spiffy uniforms, which he designed, in consultation with Southern Brother.

Southern Brother is in the sports uniform and equipment industry(1, 2), and sells to high schools and colleges.

One design feature: the brothers decided to specify larger numbers for the backs of the jerseys. The larger numbers add authority and gravitas:

Intense conversation at the mound: ten year old boys who are fully focused on winning (which means there is still hope for the survival of American culture). Youngest Nephew is number eleven.

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